Andreessen Horowitz launches Future, a publication platform

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 Future is a new website for publications launched by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The site will concentrate on issues related to the firm’s investing areas, but it will expand over time with the help of staff, hired writers, and industry insiders. Future will write to both “tech people” and “tech curious” individuals.

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has officially launched a new website, an a16z subdomain, for publications called Future

The publication will initially focus on themes relevant to the firm’s investment sectors. Still, it will grow over time with the help of a mix of their employees, paid writers, and industry insiders such as founders, professors, and entrepreneurs., which goes up today, is an early MVP version of what the company thinks the publication will become in the future, according to Margit Wennmachers, operating partner, Marketing and Future at Andreessen Horowitz. 

Ms. Wennmachers says that the content will be generated by combining employees and outside contributors ranging from famous names to up-and-comers. The publication will focus on issues that they find interesting, with a broad theme of “rational optimism,” which the business believes lacks general coverage of technology.

She says that this isn’t a news organization and that the focus will be on future-oriented informative and editorial material rather than day-to-day tech events. There will be thematic coverage when the news coincides with a topic they believe they know, whether from contributors, employees, or a16z partners.

Ms.Wennmachers; editor-in-chief Sonal Chokshi; executive editor Maggie Leung, and managing editor Amelia Salyers make up the first leadership team.

Explainers, how-to material, and cohort learning by experienced founders in and outside of the a16z portfolio will emphasize building material.

We want to write about stuff we know and that we invest in. Crypto, biotech, finance, and real estate are just a few of the areas covered by the firm’s committed partners.

Margit Wennmachers, operating partner, Marketing and Future at Andreessen Horowitz. 

Future will write to “tech people” as well as “tech interested.” It will ideally assist a16z to obtain agreements in the areas where it has demonstrated interest and understanding through publication, according to Ms. Wennmachers. She claims that the business frequently wins business at the crossroads of two sectors where they have expertise.

Ms. Wennmachers says that the content is intended to be action-oriented, with the knowledge that may assist in creating laws, charting the direction of your firm, or presenting a good point to your next meeting. The usability of information is, in essence, a crucial criterion.

According to a16z, the initial contributors will be:

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