All About Square’s name Block

The latest episode of Equity, a podcast about startup businesses, tells the numbers and subtlety behind the headlines. With Grace and Chris are behind the scenes while Mary Ann, Natasha, and Alex were on the mics, it was a power-packed session. Below are some points that were discussed in the podcast,

  • Square becoming Block, the name change is reasonable, given the company’s newfound interests in blockchain.
  • Then they talked about Inpathy’s subtle take on social networking and Massive’s $11 million funding round and why Butter could help grease the skids of many a subscription business.
  • They had to riff Bret Taylor’s quasi-ascension to the top of Salesforce along with a group of other executives so they traded startups for bigger companies. While Alex said it was cold resignation winter, but the news about meta has put a smile on some people’s faces.
  • Finally, Sounding Board’s Series B is a reminder that even executive coaching, for the folks above, isn’t just a services business. It’s a SaaS business.
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