Aiven raises $100m in Series C funding led by Atomico

SaaS News -Aiven-raises-$100-mln-to-expand(source: SaaS Industry)

At a Glance

Aiven, in a Series C funding led by Atomico had raised $100 million in the recent past, which takes the companies’ valuation to over $800 million now and total investment to about $150 million. Lead investors of Aiven’s Series A, Earlybird VC, and Series B, IVP had raised their capital commitments to Aiven, reports state.

The funding shall be aimed at expanding the market, introducing new products, and also at developing open source technologies. Aiven is also contemplating the idea of doubling its headcount over the next year and to launch a “formal open source program office.” 

CEO and co-founder, Oskari Sareenmaa expressing his delight at the funding, said that Aiven’s mission has always been in championing open source to make the lives of developers better.

The most recent funding will enable us to continue adding new service capabilities, grow our team, and expand into new markets, as well as more significantly contribute to the open-source community,” Oskari added.

Aiven’s Open Source 

Headquartered in Helsinki, Aiven provides managed open source data technologies on major clouds. An open-source system allows its source code to be freely distributed and modified as per the licenses. Reports state that in the ranking of database management systems, the popularity of open-source tools had shot up as opposed to other commercial systems. 

They are also a major part of the global economy, such as home automation and retail analytics, energy metering, and more. With access to the best Open Source technologies, Aiven offers fully managed services in the public cloud for the likes of Apache Kafka and Cassandra. Companies ranging in size from innovative startups to global leaders like Comcast, Fiverr, Vidio and others can now have access to fully functional open-source data from across the globe in minutes, with facilities such as end-to-end security, set-up, maintenance, and round-the-clock monitoring across major cloud platforms.

Stating that Aiven will be a winner in the global economy by providing open-source data infrastructure in minutes, Hiro Tamura, General Partner at Atomico, added,  
Open source tools that Aiven offers are now the dominant choice for the data needs of global companies because they are simple, scalable, and transparent. Given provides a vital service to solve the headaches that come with managing some of these incredible tools in-house and on the cloud, so developers and teams can focus on building apps, not infrastructure.”

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