Airwallex founders launch Capital 49, a new VC fund

SaaS News - Airwallex founders launch new venture capital fund, Capital 49 (source: SaaS Industry)
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Airwallex, a major worldwide payments network, has launched Capital 49, a new venture capital fund run by the company’s founders. The new fund is anticipated to receive $200M from Airwallex’s founders and other investors. So far, Capital 49 has invested in two fintech firms.

Airwallex, a leading worldwide payments platform, has announced plans to launch Capital 49, a new venture capital fund managed by Airwallex’s founders, which would invest in early-stage, high-growth technology-enabled businesses that use Airwallex’s infrastructure.

The new fund intends to raise $200 million from Airwallex’s founders and other investors. It will invest in firms inside the Airwallex ecosystem across various industries, including e-commerce, SaaS, digital and technology, business services and enablers, and fintech. Capital 49 has made investments in two fintech companies so far.

We are so excited to share the news of our new fund. As part of the fintech and start-up ecosystem, we have consistently observed that a clear technological advantage is incredibly important for a business to stand out from the competition. That is why we are committed to invest in and foster the growth of tech-enabled companies, particularly at a time where there is a huge appetite for innovative solutions to enhance business efficiencies.

Jack Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Airwallex and founder of Capital 49

Airwallex is a worldwide fintech payment platform to enable businesses of all sizes to develop globally and contribute to the global economy. Airwallex, founded in Melbourne in 2015 and based in Hong Kong, has evolved to become a worldwide financial platform with over 800 employees spread over 12 global locations. Airwallex announced a $100 million capital round earlier this year, virtually doubling its worth to $2.6 billion in only two years.

Apart from Capital 49, Airwallex is also expanding its product and application portfolio, offering customers end-to-end solutions for business accounts, expense cards, and other bespoke value-add solutions. Airwallex has announced a slew of new product offerings, including introducing its online payment solution in Hong Kong and Australia and the Airwallex Borderless Cards for Hong Kong-based enterprises. 

As an organization, Airwallex could not have achieved what it has today if not for the players within our ecosystem. With this fund, we will continue to empower businesses to grow without borders by providing them access to capital, a global network and deep insights and expertise, while ensuring we continue to generate financial returns for our investors.

Jack Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Airwallex and founder of Capital 49,
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