Aircover raises a $3M seed round from Defy Partners

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Aircover, a sales tools and intelligence platform for in-person meetings, has raised $3M in a seed round to fund product development. Aircover’s conversational AI platform integrates with Zoom and automates parts of the sales process, resulting in more successful conversations.

Aircover, an in-meeting sales tools and intelligence platform, has raised $3 million in a seed funding round led by Defy Partners. Other participants include Firebolt Ventures, Flex Capital, Ridge Ventures, and other angel investors.

The new funds will be utilised to develop new products. By the end of the month, Levy plans to increase the size of his small engineering staff.

The company, which is based in the Bay Area, intends to provide sales teams with information that will help them close transactions while they are meeting with customers. Conversational AI software from Aircover interfaces with Zoom and automates elements of the sales process, resulting in more successful talks.

Andrew Levy, Alex Young, and Andrew’s brother David Levy formed Aircover after working together at Apteligent, a company co-founded and run by Andrew Levy and sold to VMware in 2017.

The sales process pain issues throughout the years, Andrew said it seemed like the solution was always more training for the sales team. However, by the time everyone had been trained, most of the information would be outdated.

Instead, they built Aircover as a software tool that sits on top of video conferencing and performs real-time transcription and analysis to deliver the correct content to the right salesperson at the right time based on client issues and inquiries. This eliminates the need for another salesperson to be called in or a second phone call to provide answers to questions.

We are anticipating that knowledge and parsing it out at key moments to provide more leverage to subject matter experts. It’s like a sales assistant coming in to handle any issue.

Andrew Levy

He compares Aircover to other sales team solutions such as, which was recently acquired by ZoomInfo, and Gong, but sees his firm as a leader in real-time meeting experiences. Other tools record meetings as well, but these must be evaluated after the call is finished.

He describes Aircover’s work as a “big intriguing problem we’re solving that involves some complex technology since it’s real time,” which is why the business was eager to connect with Bob Rosin, a partner at Defy Partners who will join Aircover’s board of directors as part of the investment.

After working on the leadership teams at Stripe, LinkedIn, and Skype, Bob joined Defy in 2020. He explained that sales and customer service teams want tools in the moment, and while some are beneficial in retrospect, people prefer them to be available in real time, in front of the consumer.

In the early days, tools helped before and after, but in the moment when they need the most help, we are not seeing many doing it. Aircover has come up with the complete solution.

Bob Rosin, a partner at Defy Partners
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