Accenture invests in Pipeline as part of its Project Spotlight, aims to close gender disparities in workplace

SaaS News -Accenture-Makes-Strategic-Investment-in-Pipeline-to-Accelerate-Gender-Parity-in-the-Workplace (source: SaaS Industry)

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Accenture has made a strategic investment in Denver-based Pipeline, which provides a SaaS AI tool to detect gender disparities in workplaces. The investment is also a part of its Project Spotlight, launched in 2020, which would help Pipeline co-innovate with Accenture to scale faster and effectively.

Global management consulting and technology services company Accenture, has made a strategic investment in Pipeline, a startup leveraging SaaS-based AI platform, to enhance gender equality in its workplace, a press release from Accenture said.

Accenture stated that the investment in Pipeline is a part of its Accenture Ventures program, Project Spotlight, targeting emerging software technology startups to fill strategic innovation gaps and offer access to Accenture’s technology domain expertise and its enterprise clients. Pipeline would be able to co-innovate with Accenture and work with subject-matter experts to scale faster.

Pipeline’s proprietary cloud and SaaS-based platform AI platform helps companies assess and take action against gender inequality in workplaces. It analyzes metrics such as pay, performance, potential promotional ideas and other areas of inadvertent and unconscious bias to make gender parity actionable.

Accenture, quoting a Pipeline research, stated that for every 10 percent increase in intersectional gender equity, organizations would witness a one or two percent increase in revenue.

Katica Roy, founder and CEO of Pipeline, stated that having good financial incentives and intentions alone will not close the gender bias gaps in organizations, which was further enunciated by the pandemic. 

By putting a laser focus on these issues at the corporate level, and with the close collaboration and investment from Accenture, Pipeline looks forward to accelerating its impact in the market,

Katica Roy, founder and CEO of Pipeline

Christie Smith, senior managing director for global talent at Accenture, stated that today’s C-suite leaders are driving responsible business practices to ensure that an organizational workforce remains inclusive and diverse in every way.  

Pipeline’s data-driven analytical platform provides a solution for organizations to close the gender equity gap, create strong cultures, and unlock new sources of value that increase financial performance

Christie Smith, senior managing director for global talent at Accenture
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