Using SaaS Solution for Fleet Management

The fleet industry has come under increased legislative scrutiny, which has led to the adoption of software solutions. These solutions can help you stay compliant with whatever piece of legislation your company needs to adhere to. They can help you stay compliant.

What is Saas?

Traditionally, software was sold to the customer for them to install on their computer and was barely updated until a new version was released and sold as a unique package. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a way to deliver software more efficiently to customers. Rather than paying a once of fee, customers pay monthly. Besides the different pay structures, SaaS has allowed developers to update software more regularly and improve data security.

SaaS Solution for Fleet Management

Such a solution designed for fleet management would need to provide solutions for accurate GPS tracking that, in turn, can collect driver performance data and vehicle location information stored in cloud computing servers for added ease of access across multiple locations. This data can then be used to make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and boost productivity.

Practical Benefits

The benefits of SaaS adoption have been well-documented, but in terms of fleet management, the benefits can offset unique problems the industry faces, like high demand for new drivers. Factors like the convenience and improved customer service are hallmarks of SaaS adoption, but three benefits are hard to ignore for fleet management. Those are time saved, driver safety and compliance, and reduced fleet performance costs.

Returning to the first benefit of time saved, if the platform chosen allows for complete visibility of vehicles and drivers, less time is spent on administrative tasks. Further, redundancy is more straightforward, and your workforce can quickly pivot to improved efficiency. Additionally, measures can be put in place to enhance current workforce efficiency rather than looking to hire more staff.

Your chosen solution should be able to record video and other data during harsh driving conditions or accidents. This unlocks the ability to address negative driving behaviors before they have a bigger financial impact on the organization. Such data can also improve fuel management and reduce maintenance costs associated with running vehicles non-stop.


This brief article has hopefully illuminated readers as to why SaaS solutions for fleet management are the future. Increasing data is needed to help ensure operational efficiency. A SaaS fleet management solution can tick that box off when shopping around, looking to see what the solution offers in this regard.

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