Google selects 30 startups for its Black Founders Fund Europe

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Google has selected 30 European firms to receive a portion of its $2 million Black Founders Fund. Last October, the fund was announced, along with grants and new sponsorships, as part of a company-wide effort to “building a more equitable future for everyone.” A total of 40 percent of the 30 companies are run by women of color.

Google has chosen 30 businesses in Europe to get a share of its $2 million Black Founders Fund, which will provide these firms with cash, cloud services, and networking among the Google team.

The fund, along with grants and new sponsorships, was unveiled last autumn as part of a company-wide push to “building a more equitable future for everyone.” More than 800 startups submitted, and Google interviewed 100 of them, narrowing the field to the 30 startups unveiled today.

We often hear that lack of diversity in tech is a pipeline problem. This program shows that isn’t the case. We received almost 800 applications for the fund from 18 countries in Europe, and the quality we saw was truly exceptional — from tech prodigies to former executives of the most successful companies in the world to serial entrepreneurs.

Google has said

Each startup will receive, from the $2 million, up to $100,000 non-dilutive cash awards, which means companies will not have to trade shares for capital; up to $120,000 in Ads Grant and up to $100,000 in Cloud credits. They’ll also gain access to Google’s entrepreneurial network, tech help, and a few additional benefits that aren’t quantifiable.

Out of the 30 startups, 40% of them are led by women of color, and Nancy de Fays, the co-founder of LINE, is one among them.

Startups should not be afraid to take strong positions too. If we, founders, care about the environment, then we must speak up, we must educate our consumers about the topic and make concrete actions.

Ms. de Fays

She continued, “If we, founders, care about race and social justice, then we must speak up, break out from stereotypes, talk about diversity, and be closer to each other.”

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