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 Providence Strategic Growth (PSG), a growth equity firm has secured a majority stake in Paris-based Universign and  Paras, an Indonesian based market for non fungible tokens (NFTs) has raised US $5 million

It is ‘International Accounting Day’.
Starting a business is exciting and engaging. Business development, marketing and such will get a lot of your attention, but the task of leafing through financial documents could be dreadful to you. It is essential that you keep track of your expenses, to ascertain your business’ success and financial health.
Keep your business and personal life apart, much as your business and personal life is.
– Joseph, Karishma, and Angel
☕ What’s brewing in the tech and SaaS world?
???? Providence Strategic Growth (PSG), a growth equity firm has secured a majority stake in Paris-based Universign, to enable providing broader digital transaction services.
???? AudioMob, a startup that provides non-intrusive audio ads inside mobile games, has obtained $14 million in Series A round of funding, led by Makers Fund, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital and Google.
???? Apple Music users worldwide can now listen to Chinese music via a deal with Tencent Music Entertainment. Chinese artists who are in its ‘music cloud’ program can easily distribute their works.
???? Paras, an Indonesian based market for non fungible tokens (NFTs) has raised US $5 million in seed funding through a private round. Other participants were Black Dragon Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Moonwhale Capital, Digital Renaissance and GFS Ventures.
Digital Acceleration Trends of 2022 (Here’s what we are predicting)
​​Total Experience
Total experience hinges on four disciplines: customer experience, user experience, employee experience and multi-experience to help create an experiential understanding for consumers and employees. The core purpose is to interlink, interconnect and enable each of these for a comprehensive experience for all involved.
​​How to get started
Orient and motivate teams that are pursuing experience enhancement initiatives to collaborate with and learn from others. Ensure that the leaders of experience related initiatives are equally responsible for resolving the needs of customers and employees.
​​How it is used today
Fidelity Spire uses a total experience approach in its financial services. Analytics and AI learn from client behaviors and swiftly respond to a client’s action to bring about training simulations for staff members. The collaborated identity services help clients be agile and active through self service onboarding and provide integration, through several touchpoints.
What are we reading?
???? Southeast Asia internet economy to hit $1 trln by 2030 – Reuters
⚙️ Kai-Fu Lee and Yoky Matsuoka Imagine AI’s Potential for Good – Wired
???? Samsung announces its next-gen RAM for phones and ‘the metaverse’ – The Verge
✨ Facebook Allows Stolen Content to Flourish, Its Researchers Warned – Wall Street Journal
???? Scientists build tiny robot that could deliver drugs with amazing accuracy – CNet

One-time chip supply shocks are over, but the structural deficit persists – Reuters

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