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Microsoft reigns as the most valuable company in the world and Facebook Is Acquiring Visionary VR Fitness Startup Within

We are sipping some vegan drinks ‒ carrot apple smoothie, chocolate cherry smoothie, lemon ginger chai and Mexican hot chocolate. What are you having, or even brewing? Speaking of veganism, today is World Vegan Day. Isn’t it a good idea to stop commoditizing animals; what do you think?
Today marks the passing of 304 days in 2021. What are your plans for this month? Let us make the last two months count.
Joseph, Karishma, and Angel
Here’s what is brewing in the tech and SaaS world:
????????‍♂️ Facebook Is Acquiring Visionary VR Fitness Startup Within
???? AWS for blockchain – Alchemy, raises $250M
???? Clear Raises $75 Million from Stripe, Kora Capital, Alua, and Think Investments
Microsoft reigns as the most valuable company in the world
For the first time in more than a year, Microsoft overshadowed Apple, with the software heavyweight’s market cap hitting $2.49 trillion, while the latter’s stood at $2.46 trillion.
Microsoft’s better-than-expected earnings report earlier in the week was the latest catalyst that pushed its stock higher, surpassing Apple.
Meanwhile, Apple warned on Thursday that supply chain disruptions are hindering iPhone and other product manufacturing. These issues are expected to bring increased challenges during the important holiday shopping quarter in December. Shares fell Friday even as the company logged a record 12 month profit nearing $100 billion, though sales of iPhone 13 were up 47% year after year.
With a 20% share of the global cloud computing market, Microsoft is the second largest player in the industry, according to Gartner Inc. It trails only Inc., which has a whopping 40% share.
The late 1990s and early 2000s marked Microsoft’s last extended run as the world’s most valuable company – this was when its business revolved around the Windows Operating system and its suite of Office software applications. Earlier in 2020, when Coronavirus disrupted global supply chains, Microsoft eclipsed Apple in market cap. In June, after a first major update to Windows in more than 5 years, Microsoft marked a $2 trillion market cap.
Presently, Microsoft and Apple are the only 2 US companies recording market caps above $2 trillion.
The last days of 2021 will determine who will outperform – Microsoft or Apple!
What is the “Metaverse” – An extended reality?
The entire tech world is hyped with the latest buzzword “Metaverse”. It climaxed on Thursday, when Facebook announced renaming its portfolio of companies ‘Meta’ to sync its businesses with its aspiring ambition to build Facebook to be a ‘Metaverse’ company.
In his 1992 novel Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson coined the term “Metaverse”, to refer to a 3D virtual world inhabited by avatars of real people. While other science fiction include similar systems, Stephenson’s book remains as a strong point of reference for metaverse enthusiasts.
Currently, tech industry figures who speak the language of “the metaverse” are becoming hyped about digital platforms that include these:
1. Feature sets that overlap with older web services or real-world activities
2. Real-time 3D computer graphics, including personalized avatars
3. A variety of person-to-person social interactions that are less competitive and goal-oriented than stereotypical games
4. Support for users creating their own virtual items and environments
5. Links with outside economic systems so people can profit from virtual goods
6. Designs that seem well-suited to virtual and augmented reality headsets, even if they usually support other hardware as well
A combination of augmented, virtual and mixed reality – understood as extended reality will become a key medium for engagement. It is predicted that the internet will evolve into the metaverse, representing the next major computing platform. It is foreseen to be a future digital world that feels more strongly connected to our real lives and physical bodies.
How would you redefine Metaverse? We at SaaS Industry are trying to grapple with it. Let us think together.
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