Aserto raises $5.1M in Seed round from Costanoa Ventures, Heavybit Industries

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Aserto has raised $5.1M in Seed round to build its authorization-as-a-service solution for enterprises. Its founders have felt that authorization is one area that has not moved forward much and where good solutions can be delivered

Aserto, a cloud-native authorization service that provides enterprise-ready permissions for SaaS applications, has raised $5.1 million in its first seed round funding led by Costanoa Ventures and Heavybit Industries.

According to Omri Gazitt and Gert Drapers, co-founders, CEO, and CTO of Aserto felt before starting Aserto that authorization would be the area where good solutions for developers can be found and delivered.

If you look at authorization, it really hasn’t moved forward at all. The access part is really stuck in the world of the 2000s. And we wanted to figure out essentially what authorization would look like in the age of SaaS and cloud. We feel like that’s another 10-year mission with a lot of pain right now and a lot of value that we can deliver

Omri Gazitt, co-founder, CEO, Aserto

Aserto creates a sophisticated service for developers, giving them fine-grained control over roles access control based on policies that it calls “policy-as-code approach to authoring, editing, storing, versioning, building, deploying and managing authorization rule”. At present, Aserto is working with early customers and is also expanding its private beta today for adding additional companies to help them benefit from its solutions.

I get really excited thinking about what these big ecosystems play in the open-source world? Where should we be investing? And I think this is going to be one of them, and the way Omri and Gert are thinking about the problem and approaching the ecosystem is really, really key.

Casey Aylward, principal at Costanoa Ventures
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