What is SaaSOps?- A Beginner’s Guide

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What is SaaSOps A Beginner’s Guide
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SaaSOps is one of the revolutionary IT practices in the SaaS industry wherein the main objective is to make the digital space highly effective and efficient. As a result, this emerging field has caught SaaS enterprises’ attention of all sizes and has become an integral part of their operations. SaasOps deal with several important aspects of a SaaS business, including how a SaaS product is discovered, purchased, managed, and canceled.

SaaSOps helps to demonstrate that we’re not just a cost center, but that we bring value to the company.

Randy Tanenhaus, SaaSOps and IT Manager at ClassPass

SaaSOps refers to SaaS operations and the processes regarding its discovery, purchases, management, and cancellation in a business. Such professionals are supposed to have an inside out knowledge of an organization, whether it is budgeting and approval, or risk management or automation. Organizations that have efficient and successful SaaSOps tend to have more efficient processes, happier and more secure employees, have low software costs, and do not spend a lot of their time on repetitive software administration. One has to become empowered to stay engaged and productive in today’s digital and virtual space, and here’s where SaaS comes into the picture.

Enterprise SaaS market reached $ 77.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow by 17% in 2020, as the revenue reached new heights of $ 94.2 billion. Hence, it does not seem like SaaS is going anywhere.  Many software products that were earlier license based seem to be migrating to SaaS. SaaS has become a key part of how a software company operates its business; however, its challenges are not unseen. Businesses that use traditional software techniques and the ones who use SaaS are faced with different challenges.

Work of SaaSOps Teams

The role of a SaaSOps team is extremely crucial for a SaaS enterprise. There are various SaaSOps examples that highlight its importance. The team is responsible for all the processes related to onboarding, offboarding, and any other processes pertaining to a user’s lifecycle. Here are some of the most important aspects of the work of a SaaSOps team: –

· Such teams help organizations in being successful users of the software. These teams can also help while making purchase decisions in the form of SaaS experts.

· It is immensely important to know what kind of SaaS one uses so that professionals involved in SaaSOps can spend less time doing the manual work and more time in adding value to their organization setup. Such teams optimize the SaaS budget and thereby identify potential savings. Once one establishes a record system, the SaaS subscriptions and opportunities can be used to make out unused, duplicate, or forgotten products.

· Companies using traditional software use a smaller number of software when compared to companies that are SaaS-enabled. So, whenever there is a new SaaS product launched by a company, which is, in fact, quite often, the SaaS teams are supposed to be looking at the ways the product can be created cheaply.

· SaaS poses plenty of challenges to even the human resources department because while hiring and firing people, the managers are supposed to know what deal of SaaS the prospective employees have and what SaaS did they work on to breach and leak the company’s files do not happen. Here, teams’ role becomes of utmost importance since they will have to use systems and develop processes conducive to the organization’s and consumer’s advantage.

· SaaS teams are supposed to be diligent towards approvals relating to business cases and risk analysis, as well as regular reporting. This is where SaaSOps teams come into the picture. Every undocumented and unapproved SaaS product is supposed to be recorded. The SaaSOps teams are supposed to integrate this authorization and payment into one.

SaaSOps means I’m able to do the role of about ten tier-1 techs. Company-wide, we’re cutting an average of 30-40 hours a week between onboarding and offboarding.

Dartanian Richards, IT Engineer at Thumbtack

SaaS Discovery

In this aspect of SaaSOps, the professionals are supposed to gain clarity about SaaS adoption inside their IT environment and its usage by the employees. They are the ones who determine what applications are going to be made and which group of people is going to use them so that informed decisions could be made. They also give terms on data access and how much is to be spent in an organization.

SaaS Management

In this aspect of SaaS, the professionals are supposed to be taking care of the onboarding, offboarding, and all the other changes in the user’s lifecycle. They ensure whether their SaaS applications are configured correctly or not while viewing and auditing the user interactions all over these SaaS applications.

SaaS Security

Here the team is supposed to be alleviating insider threats, whether it be accidental or intentional. Here they are supposed to adhere to the security aspects of their data and be smart enough to address any potential threats to the organization’s security amidst following law and order and rules and regulations of the industry.

SaaSOps is where I’m realigning my career goals.

Jay Feliciano, SaaSOps – Engineer II at Spotify

The importance of having a robust and viable SaaSOps team can not be overstated. SaasOps teams not only help the users and teams to use the software successfully, but they also are present as a point of contact for all the issues being faced by the users. As SaaS enterprises’ challenges are constantly evolving, having a professional SaaSOps team in place is extremely desirable.

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