Building a SaaS Interface Strategy that Works

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Building a SaaS Interface Strategy that Works
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One of the most important aspects of a SaaS product is its interface, as it is something that the respective users will be interacting with regularly. There are various types of SaaS interfaces, and each has its significance in ensuring its success

Customers won’t care about any particular technology unless it solves a particular problem in a superior way

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There are various types of SaaS interfaces that play a role in ensuring the product’s success. Each of these interfaces demands proper attention and execution for the desired results.

As many people know it, software as a Service, or SaaS, is one of the fastest-growing models in the world of technology and business. So, if you choose to use it for your benefit, it might be one of the best business decisions you will be making.  SaaS is one of the most revolutionary cloud technologies that has facilitated many enterprises’ software products and services. However, to use this technology, you must dig deep into a lot of layers, one of the most important ones being SaaS product interfaces. There are various types of interfaces that a SaaS product supports, and each has its specific role to play.

Types of SaaS Interfaces

SaaS interfaces are the basic structure that decides how your SaaS product suite will appear to different sets of users. So, it is essential to be very careful about the SaaS Product interfaces and the technologies that you use in them. There are namely four different SaaS product interfaces that you must focus on. They include: –

  1. Customer interface, or the interface that is used by the customer.
  2. Your employees will use the admin interface to administer and manage the customers’ data or end-users’ data.
  3. The third-party interface is one of the most critical interfaces and is used to extend your services to third parties to increase their value.
  4. Internal SoA, which includes the internal connections between each server that help operate your SoA in real-time.

Amongst these different types of interfaces, your customer interface serves as the entirety of your SaaS product suite and demands great attention. This is because it will help you form the basic application that is being used by the customer. But it is equally important to pay attention to the other SaaS interfaces since together, they all form the entire big picture of your SaaS product suite.

1. Customer Interface

This is the first-party interface and is one of your SaaS product’s significant parts since the end-user handles it. Therefore, it serves as the primary system that the customer uses without requiring any back-end knowledge. The transfer of the system’s usage can be managed through various means; it can be JSON, SMTP, or even HTTP-based. There is no denying the variety of choices that you get to handle the customer interface. But the better execution of this interface is essential.  Notably, you have control of both ends of the customer interface. Through the API, you allow the customer to access your system, which you can ultimately control.

But for the customer to like this experience, you must make sure that the system is user-friendly.

●  The interface must be paid focus to. You should use appropriate UX/UI to serve the basic use of the application. Ensure that this user interface is in line with what your consumers require and are looking forward to.

●  Along with that, you should ensure that your front end is secure with a reliable authentication system. The authentication system should be checked to ensure that the consumer end product is reliable and in safe hands.

●  The interface should be able to respond to every user command. Therefore, appropriate services should be spent on that behalf.

2. Admin Interface

Since different users are using your system, the amount of data being exchanged every minute will be significant. So, never make the mistake of ignoring the admin interface. It is one of those interfaces which will prove to be one of the most useful ones in the long run. The admin interface is primarily used to store the big chunks of data for the users. There are a few things that have to be ensured during the handling of the admin interface, such as: –

●  Accurate measures to be taken that only authorized people have access to the admin interface. This is because this is an essential part of ensuring the security of your software.

●  You should ensure that a sound database system stores all the users’ data and does so securely. This is important since the administration and management of user data is your responsibility, and lack of doing so can prove futile for your SaaS product suite.

●  Another essential feature for the admin interface is expansion. With continuous use of the system, you must have suitable expansion techniques in mind to ensure that at no point does the data overflow in your system. It could be the biggest hazard for you, and timely checks for this are essential.

3. Third-Party REST API

Third-party APIs are one of the best methods to increase the versatility of the system. If there is one thing better than using the system itself, it uses the system with add-ons. Therefore, through a third-party API combination with your system, you will enhance your system’s efficiency. However, you must be careful about the third parties that you are relying on. This is because these parties cannot be trusted as much as yours since you control any acts under your system, but you cannot manage their organization. So, ensure that this does not go against you at any point in time.

4. Internal SoA

This system is not visible to any party and is one system that is solely responsible for any server-to-server communications or transfers. This module must be extremely reliable as it is required for your SaaS product interfaces’ smooth functioning. Here are some important aspects of Internal SoA: –

●  Ensure that it is built securely and it is properly structured.

●  Usage of the right network sources to ensure that the data moves smoothly over the interface.

●  You also have to ensure to add a system that spots and catches any bugs that are present.

With all the interfaces right working, your SaaS product suite is bound to shine and better profitability for your enterprise. The importance of these interfaces for your enterprise demands proper attention and immaculate execution, so no half-hearted efforts here. 

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