Why Is Product Thinking the New Cool in UX Design?

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Why Is Product Thinking the New Cool in UX Design?
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In addition to offering a user-friendly interface, the UX design for a SaaS product must also take care of the customers’ requirements. This is where product thinking comes into the picture by allowing developers to offer solutions for customer pain points.

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers

Seth Godin

You can have a great design team onboard for your SaaS product development, but does your product offer a solution to the audience that they need? You cannot develop a product and force the people around you to buy it by convincing them they need it. In this case, your SaaS product will run in the market for a short time, and then people will not be interested in it. So, instead of coming up with a product and forcefully providing a solution to an imaginary problem, a SaaS enterprise should build a solution for the target audience’s uncovered pain points. 

If your business offers a proper solution to your target audience, then the next important thing is designing. First, look around yourself and what people are the users’ pain points; this would bring the idea of a great product followed by a great user experience. The entire design process of bringing the perfect solution for your user’s pain point and converting it into a product is what product thinking is all about.

What Is Product Thinking?

A business needs to try its best to give the exact solution for the customer’s needs. Many SaaS enterprises make the great mistake of jumping right into the designing part, thus adding numerous features to the product. But it turns out that your customers do not need those solutions at all. First, invest your time into thinking and spotting out your target audience’s main problem. Then think of a solution and measure that can solve your customer’s problem and fulfill their needs. If you think your solution is the perfect fit for the problem, go ahead with the new UX design and create a masterpiece product.

It is essential to remember that your product is the center of attention, made even better with different features and not the other way around. Take the example of the online shopping websites. Their product is based on the fact that they provide home delivery and give their users the option to choose from millions of brands both in and outside the country. This is their main solution for hassle-free shopping, and being to track your orders is an added feature. If there was no home delivery, then there would have been no tracking option.

Importance Of Product Thinking

Product thinking is crucial for your SaaS product to survive the evolving competition. That can only happen if the customers are willing to pay and are paying for your product. They would want to buy your product simply because it is the right fit for their problem. So, let us have a look into the importance of product thinking.

1.   Finding The Right Problem

Your target is to find the right problem and not to build a product and then define the problem. So, instead of getting invested in building the product first, conduct proper research. If you have a great idea in your mind to build a product, then some questions need to be answered first. For example, who is facing the problem, why they face the problem, what is the market size for the solution you are providing, etc.? If you see the market size is not big enough, you might expand your focus and develop a generalized version of your idea to provide a solution to a broader target audience.

2.   The First Focus Should Be The Product

Do not try to add too many features on the first go. First, you should come up with a practical and viable solution and when you see it as a problem-fit solution, leave the rest to the UX designers. When you identify a problem among the audience, your team will come up with many solutions.

10 solutions = 10 possible products

But again, it is your responsibility to research, scrutinize, and analyze the best solution for your target audience. When you are performing in-depth research, you start understanding what your target customers want in your product. This helps you set the main goal, i.e., the solution you are providing through your product, and after that, adding features becomes the secondary target.

3.   Vision And Strategy

Your product thinking should have a predefined heuristics list so that after developing the prototype of your product, you can compare it with the recently made solution. For example, before starting to design the product, you have some vision like the product should always be accessible by the customer, the product should have minimum viable quality, etc. So, when you have built the product, you should compareit  to see if it has fulfilled all the visions you have documented beforehand. This will help the UX designers comprehend how far they are from achieving the right goal and working accordingly.

How To Get Started With Product Thinking?

If you own a business, especially a SaaS business because they are quite common these days, first learn how to think from the position of your audience. Suppose you have identified a problem after conducting a survey, or talking to a few friends of yours, or simply eavesdropping a conversation from the next coffee table. Now, think you are the audience, and you are facing this problem. So, what would you want? What kind of solution do you prefer, and is it solving your entire problem? Think like a businessman, for example, who else is facing the same problem and how frequently they face it? This questioning format is known as the 5W1H (what, who, why, where, when, and how). Some of the questions you should ask before hopping on solving it are the problem, who is affected by the situation, why it has not been solved yet, when the problem began, etc. Answering all these questions will help you figure out if the problem needs a solution or not. You do not want to invest your time and resources in an insignificant problem.

Product Thinking has emerged as the latest trend that is transforming UX designing concepts for SaaS products. It is empowering the SaaS enterprises to create impressive applications and incorporate the element of functionality within.

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