Evolving HR operations with cloud and SaaS-based solutions

Evolving HR operations with cloud and SaaS-based solutions
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Reports state that a rapidly increasing need for companies to mitigate complex HR tasks has paved the way for the rise of SaaS-based HR software. The benefits are many, ranging right from recruiting to onboarding, training, scheduling, evaluation, appraisals, benefits, and much more

Effective management of human resources is imperative for the success of businesses, irrespective of their size. The function of handling human resources extends beyond onboarding and final settlements and spreads across domains such as proper budgeting, organizational work culture, training and development, conflict resolution, employee satisfaction and performance improvement.

In contemporary workplaces, with digital technology rapidly driving automation, many workflows within organizations are being reshaped. For instance, a Mckinsey report on how HR shapes an organization’s future, highlights how the shift to digitization gained more momentum during the pandemic. It states that over 85 percent of companies had picked up the pace of their digitization, with a 48 percent rise in the digitization of customer channels. 

Also, a survey by Mckinsey on reskilling an organization’s workforce amid automation and digitization trends, revealed that over 66 percent of the executives surveyed required organizations to address the existing skill gaps found in workers concerning automation and digitization. 

Considering accelerating developments and evolving trends, there comes the need to shift skills and develop t a clear business rationale behind workforce strategy and planning. The role of HR should be a strategic partner for the business in this regard to ensure that the right talents deliver their best. Modern solutions play a big role in addressing these needs. A 2017 report by Deloitte on global human capital trends states that about 41 percent of the HR teams it surveyed worked on creating mobile apps. The remaining used social media to deliver HR information. It revealed that about 33 percent of HR teams used Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide HR services and solutions. 

Selleo, a web and mobile software development house, states how an HR manager’s role is no more confined to back-office operations. It says that modern technology and widespread use of internet-based applications have transformed HR department operations with the adoption of cloud and SaaS-based solutions.

Rajiv Ranjan, CEO of Complygate, a cloud-based HR software provider, in an article on Forbes, discerns between cloud and SaaS-based HR software, and the various advantages of both. According to him, for a SaaS HR solution, entirely managed and hosted by the vendor, there come numerous benefits ranging from easy scalability, recurring payments, zero upfront costs, and increased cost-effectiveness.  

Mr. Ranhan opines that a SaaS-based HRM solution would also enable work from home, increase communication and collaboration, productivity and provide controlled and secured access, creating a competitive advantage with a solid data backup and disaster recovery automation and workflow.

A SaaS HR software allows business owners to control every aspect of their employee management tasks and help mitigate human errors and other mundane, repetitive tasks such as wrangling multiple spreadsheets and managing employees’ attendance. It also helps to prevent paper personnel records from bursting out of an overloaded filing cabinet. 

Powered by the benefits of cloud computing, a SaaS-based HRM software broadly helps save time on filing and paperwork, storing employee records in large cabinets, assist in gathering and analyzing data through the creation of dashboards, increase employee engagement, allow employees access information on their financial benefits and make informed, data-driven decisions to improve crucial metrics such as retention, recruitment and lastly, enhances performance.

A report on SaaS Metrics on how HR software has altered the inside workflows highlights that HRM software helps close gaps in an organization by bringing HR teams and employees closer. 

Communication has always been a challenge for the HR team that is typically confined to the back-office. But with a proper system in place, there is a consistent flow of information in real-time, and managers can go the extra mile to resolve issues and implement benefits that match employee expectations.

the article enunciates

Alongside the benefits offered to employees, SaaS-based HR solutions are easy to deploy, an advantage that comes with the SaaS model. 

It would be noteworthy to see how these benefits develop and what other areas in an organizational workflow would SaaS impact. 

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