Product Design, does it even matter?

A peak into the world of Product Design
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The success of any product in the SaaS industry is largely dependent on the product design. There are various aspects of a SaaS product design that must be gotten right before any product is ready for launch.

A strong understanding of the outcome customers wants, and how they currently get it, is essential for you to succeed in product development.

Des Traynor, Co-Founder, Intercom

Getting the SaaS product design right at an early stage is essential for the enterprise to fast track its growth path.

The job of a product designer is underrated and needs more appreciation and recognition than given nowadays. Whenever you use the word design, the non-designer people can only think of graphic designers. They think you are spending all day scribbling logos on your notepad or trying color schemes on your computer. Well, graphic designers undoubtedly play an important role in product designing, but that is not all. When designing a product, especially a SaaS product, since SaaS businesses are quite common in the digital era, you need more than just selecting the correct visually dynamic designs for your website or application.

Product designing needs a lot of back-calculation and strategies so that your SaaS business can finally launch the perfect solution in the market that users are looking for. From thorough user research to building a simple yet impactful UI, from diving into the millions of user data to finally coming up with a viable solution, a lot of effort goes into product design. Let us look at how a business should approach a new product design from level zero.

What Is SaaS Product Design?

When designing a product, especially a SaaS product, the first thing you need to note is it should be user friendly. Remember, you are designing the product for your customers. So, make sure whatever features you are adding to your product should be both simple and solve your target audience’s pain points. Here is a list of a few things that your product designing team should keep in mind before starting the process.

1.   Navigation

A navigation system for your product is vital for your customers. To build a simple navigation system, make sure you provide all the important links in a drop-down menu, which can be further subdivided once a user clicks on an option. This also provides a better search experience for the users, helping them find what they are looking for.

2.   Dynamic Sorting

Dynamic sorting leads to a redefined search experience. In your website or application, you should place the search bar at the top of the page so that users do not face difficulty finding it. Dynamic sorting is required so that users get narrowed down search results for what they are searching for. For example, in an e-commerce application, if you are searching for budget-friendly laptops, the website shows crockery sets, and you will be disappointed. So, dynamic sorting for your product design is crucial.

3.   Simple UI Design

A simple UI/UX design for your SaaS product means the application is user-friendly. It is an extremely hard task for the product designers to build a simple UI as many features are included in your application. This process takes a lot of time as many designs are built and changed to make it simple and easy. With this note, make sure the sign-up page is also very crisp because, when a user is using your product for the first time, asking too many details too early will make them irritated. So, only ask for the minimum information you need during signing up.

4.   Client Support

Client support always does not have to be voice call support. Your users will tend to find the solution on their own at first. Make sure you have a FAQ section in your website or SaaS application regarding the major confusion or process details you ask your users. You can also add a chatbot to your application for offering your clients real-time support.

5.   User Feedback

After you release the first version of your product, user feedback will help you refine your offerings. It is also important to know if they face any difficulties or want any new features to make their work easier. This feedback will help you while you are trying to launch an upgraded version of your SaaS product. Moreover, if you constantly ask for user feedback, they will feel included in the process, which will establish a good company-client relationship.

Importance Of Your SaaS Product Design

The process of product designing is crucial because you are communicating with your customers through the product at the end of the day. If they like your product, your sales will increase, and the existing customers will switch from free to the premium model. So, understanding your customers’ need and brainstorming ideas to come up with the most viable solutions that will solve or reduce the pain points of your customers is the goal. The product design process is precisely not for solving your company’s problem but your consumer’s problem. They should be your focus, and everything that the users need becomes your need. Talk to them, conduct a survey, and then try to develop solutions that your competitors cannot provide.

Speaking about SaaS product design’s importance, it is also important to establish a good connection between your company’s team members. Your marketing team is preaching for the product your product designing team is building. So, make sure they are on the same page because if your marketing team is preaching something else and your product is providing a solution for a diametrically opposite problem, sorry to say. Still, your potential costumes have already run away. So, providing the exact solution that you are pitching for is extremely important.

Who Is An Ideal Product Designer?

When speaking of an ideal product designer, what skills should he or she have? According to the latest SaaS products launched in the market and the user needs, a good product designer should know a bit of everything from coding to graphic designing. But, in most cases, it is not only a single person behind a successful product design. A good product design requires a team comprising a skilled data analyst, user researcher, graphic designer, UX designer, animation designer, business strategist, and prototype developer.

Getting the SaaS product design right at the first attempt is not possible. This is an ongoing process that requires constant updates and tweaks as per customer requirements. So, assemble a dynamic product designing team and take your first steps towards realizing your organizational goals.

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