Building Your Early-Stage SaaS Sales Team

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After taking the initial steps in starting a SaaS business, the management needs to create a professional SaaS sales team for reaching out to the target customers. There are various steps to create an impressive sales team, and they have been listed here. A SaaS enterprise needs to have a motivated sales team to leverage the opportunities available in the market.

Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill

Regardless of the size of your industry, revenue, and niche, a SaaS sales team is at the core of delivering your product or service to the customers. No matter how exceptionally you build your service, it is of no use if a proper sales team cannot execute it in delivering the best experience to the target audience. The importance of a great sales team for a SaaS start-up is beyond description and imagination.

Start-up Sales Team

When you build a sales team for a SaaS start-up, the effectiveness and essentiality are like oxygen in the air. Because with better sales reps, you could land better customers for your SaaS products. Before you can conquer or perhaps grow in the industry, it is vitally important to hire the most suitable person to scale your sales team. While building a SaaS sales team, one has to take care of how to create a payment structure, motivate your sales employees, and, most importantly, retain the top performing personnel. A professional sales team is essential when –

·  Consistent feedback from the customers is needed.

· There are justified growth opportunities.

·  Enough revenue to motivate and justify the hire.

If all these essential ingredients are present, you should know that your business is ready to build a sales team, even if it is a small SaaS start-up. The individuals/personnel you hire into the company are like bricks in a building. So, pick your candidates according to the need of the SaaS start-up, the culture, and the existing scenario of the market. Suppose the market requires aggressive sales tactics, likewise your start-up’s sales team needs to consist of people who can stand out in terms of closing the sales.

Sales are contingent on the attitude of the salesperson. Not the attitude of the prospect.

W. Clement Stone

Building A SaaS Sales Team

Listed below are the important steps for building your start-up sales team and developing your sales team.

Decide The Role

The first step in this process is to be sure about the role, experience, traits, characteristics, working hours you want from your salespeople. It is very important to pick the right people for the right role. Suppose you are a small start-up in a highly competitive market, then your sales objective should not be to hire a sales director or sales executive for your start-up. Rather you must look for someone who is comfortable and satisfied with taking up different roles in the sales team as per the situation confronting the SaaS start-up.

Look For The Top Talent

Your job listing should target the best candidates for the sales department. Having the most skilled sales personnel is the key to growth for a SaaS start-up, and the outcome has been proved by many start-ups previously. So, you must carefully draft a listing that specifies the expectations from the required personnel for your SaaS enterprise. Be very clear and specific in the description to rule out any ambiguity. Then you must post the listing in the leading hiring portal or networking platforms where you are hopeful of targeting the best personnel.

Screen Potential Candidates

It becomes highly inappropriate, inconvenient, unethical, and impossible to choose your start-up sales team if you start interviewing each candidate. According to a report, almost half of salespersons have no idea what they are doing in a SaaS start-up. Keeping this in your mind, give out a trial task to the potential candidate to determine their skill set, before making your final list or conducting an interview. This simply means giving out an assignment or a task making it the first stage of selection.

Interview The Shortlisted Candidates

While the task or the phone call should be a brief introduction of the process. The list of the final candidates after the previous stage should be crisper and more precise. Once the list is prepared, the interviews should be lengthier. This could be done by asking set questions to all the candidates for your sales team. So, that the answers you get are comparable and the authenticity could be matched with that of the companies. Also, hypothetical questions help understand the mental process of the candidate and how accurate and fast the individual can think in a real-time scenario.

Offer The Job To The Right Candidate

There is nothing wrong with investing time, money, and resources in the candidate with the full potential to blossom in your sales team. The best part about building a sales team for a start-up is that the team’s terms could be decided based on the requirement of the organization. When you have selected the right candidates, the tables have turned. Offer them a payment package with benefits that are beneficial for them as well as for you, as it will help you in attracting and retaining the best talent for your organization.

Training And Orientation

Different SaaS enterprises have different approaches to conducting the sales process. Therefore, a SaaS start-up needs to provide proper training and education sessions for the personnel, irrespective of their background and experience. This will help them be well-versed with the SaaS product’s features and customer success roadmap that the company has planned. Consequently, the new sales team will deliver their best performance to help the organization achieve its growth objectives.

Selecting the best candidates for your SaaS start-up is extremely important to ensure growth plans in the long run. So, invest adequate efforts and resources to hire the best personnel and offer them the requisite training for syncing their efforts with the SaaS enterprise’s goals.

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