2 Minutes with Kumar Mayank

If you have to advice early stage founders, what would it be in one or two lines?

To make financial planning before jumping, so if you are married, or have older parents, then please get insurance and other support structures in place because nobody else should suffer for the risk that you have decided to go on yourself. This I
see missing for a lot of the founders that have started their journey, not realising about the falls in the journey but things don’t pan out that. This journey may have highs and lows but you have to assure that your loved ones are taken care of.

Get up show up and never give up; if you have thought of a dream, no one else will walk that journey for you so figure out the PMF if you think that you are actually adding value to someone’s life, etc, just keep walking

What is something you wish you knew when you were 20?

I think at 20 i knew i was going to start something but there is the contrarian view of YOLO (You only live once) so you still want to spend when young. I wish I had saved more for the struggling days that I didn’t see coming right?

I could have made more mentors; I was always struggling to reach out to people who could perhaps guide me in the journey and I always thought that I may be too young. If you are in your 20s and looking at achieving the dream, then reach out to people. It’s okay if they don’t help you but there will be people who are going to help you and walk with you and help you in your dream. They may not be there in the journey with you but maybe they can guide you in the journey on how to walk the journey. So reach out.

Your self obsession should not become your own hindrance to your own learning curve. Learn before you start. You need to deploy some knowledge so first gather that

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