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July cover

The SaaS Funding Report – July 2021





Featuring in-depth analysis and inputs from 11 SaaS founders and 7 business leaders

In this issue of SaaS Industry Magazine we bring you the all important story of the Russia-Ukraine crisis and how tech puts the ‘T’ in resistance. We explore the leaders, the companies and the people behind the changing face of war and technology in Ukraine. For a lighter read, we have interviews from four leading SaaS company founders – from food tech to mobile tech – lined up for your eyes only.

Digging further into our magazine you’ll find how the oil rich MENA countries are shifting focus to SaaS in a world rapidly racing towards renewable energy. And, we are not done yet. For our final act, we have gone all out to bring you thought leadership articles from 13 SaaS founders, business leaders, and industry veterans.

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