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FTC files lawsuit against NVIDIA’s purchase of ARM

NVIDIA’s plan to obtain ARM has come to a halt because of the Federal Trade Commission. It has sued to block the deal and affects the $40 billion deal that would rattle competition for many tech companies. ARM is a significant input that strengthens competition between NVIDIA and its…

SaaS Daily – Nov 29

At a Glance Fring, an online portal for talent search, has raised €500K and Vauban, which helps Venture Capital fund managers to launch and run new funds online, has secured £4.7 million

SaaS Daily – Nov 26

At a Glance Greenfield One, a crypto and blockchain venture capital firm has attained the closing of $160 million and TabTrader, a trading platform for crypto exchanges, has secured $5.8 million

SaaS Daily – Nov 25

At a Glance Banking Circle, a financial infrastructure provider for payments businesses and banks has acquired B4B Payments and Almond Solutions, an emerging engagement tech platform based in India, has secured an undisclosed amount

SaaS Daily – Nov 24

At a Glance Commercetools, a cloud native commerce platform, has acquired Frontastic and Salesken, an AI startup, has received $22 million

SaaS Daily – Nov 23

At a Glance iO, a digital agency firm has acquired Entopic and Mindhouse, a yoga and wellness platform has received $6 million in a seed funding round

SaaS Daily – Nov 22

At a Glance Gravitiq, a healthcare brand aggregator has secured $55 million and Flipkart, the e-commerce giant has purchased a majority stake

SaaS Daily – Nov 18

At a Glance Tickertape, a web and mobile investment platform information and research platform has received US $5 million and UXCam, an experience analytics platform for mobile apps, has secured $5 million

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