Thanks for being part of our journey. We have made some considerable changes to the SaaS Industry media brand. As we advance, we will be a magazine-first brand. Our focus will be to help other Industry brands and leaders understand and adopt SaaS at large. True to our mission, we want to see billions powered by SaaS.

We intend to accomplish this through our magazine integrated webinars, podcasts, exclusive – invite-only-roundtables, and open-for-all summits. Further to this, we are building a few community-driven SaaS platforms that will significantly benefit SaaS founders and professionals at large.

We are working towards the flagship release of our digital magazine (releasing soon on the Apple store and Google play store). We will be covering press releases at a minimum in the future.

If you would like to contribute articles/content contributors@saasindustry.com or if you would like to partner with us, please reach out at partners@saasindustry.com.

Join us to witness the revolution of billions being powered by SaaS.

Joseph Abraham

Founder and Publisher – SaaS Industry

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Quincus raises an undisclosed Series B round led UP Partners

At a Glance Quincus, a supply chain optimization technology provider, has announced an unnamed Series B funding round led by UP Partners. Quincus intends to use the funds to expand its global footprint in APAC, the Middle East, and select Latin American, European, and North American markets. 

Microsoft makes Azure Purview generally available

At a Glance Azure Purview is now available to all Azure customers, with SQL Server, Oracle, and Amazon Web Services support. Purview provides data management and cataloging services and governance to ensure the security and compliance of enterprise data.

ForMotiv raises a $6M seed round led by Vestigo Ventures

At a Glance ForMotiv, a platform that analyses end-user behavioral patterns, has announced a $6M seed round led by Vestigo Ventures. The new funds will be used to fill senior positions in technology, product, and sales at ForMotiv.

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Joseph Abraham

Founder – SaaS Industry

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